Three-way stop to address speeding cars on Lafayette Avenue in Oolitic

OOLITIC – Oolitic Town Council took measures to address safety concerns on some of the town’s streets.

The council passed an ordinance to place a three-way stop at the intersection of 4th and Lafayette Avenue.

In order to enforce the stop sign, the new ordinance had to be drafted and voted on. The change must then be published to notify the public of the new stop sign. Tickets or citations cannot be issued until 30 days following the public notice.

The town council also discussed putting in place, no parking sign restrictions on 5th Street, between Hoosier and Lafayette avenues. Council members suggested making 5th street a one-way street, but that suggestion was withdrawn due to a large number of semis that utilize the street.

Town attorney, Greg Pittman, will draft an ordinance.

Residents in the area expressed concern about a large number of speeding vehicles, especially when General Motors has shift changes, increasing traffic and occurrences of speeding vehicles.

There is a four-way stop at 5th Street and Lafayette Avenue however, residents say motorists are ignoring those stop signs. They also said semis and dump trucks are traveling too fast on 5th Street and the road is too narrow for these large vehicles.

Another street discussed was Vista Drive. Residents expressed concerns about speeding vehicles. The street does not have sidewalks and there are no stop signs from Patton Hill Road to the end of the street at the filtration plant.

Residents walk and children use bicycles on Vista Drive. A fatal accident occurred in December 2020, after a child riding a bicycle was struck by a vehicle on Vista Drive.

Some of the suggestions for that stretch of roadway were to place speed bumps to slow motorists down, or to place stop signs at the eight intersections along Vista Drive. The speed limit through the area is 20 miles per hour.

Facts about Vista Drive:

  • There are no stop signs along Vista Drive at any of the eight intersections
  • All eight intersections only have yield signs
  • Vista Drive is a residential street approximately one mile in length with a 20 mile per hour speed limit
  • There is only one “slow children playing” sign at the intersection of Vista and Veterans drives

Proposals for Vista Drive include:

  • Create a few intersections that include 3-way or 4-way stops
  • Install speed bumps
  • Lower the speed limit to 15 miles per hour
  • Limit parking to only one side of the street
  • Install or post “slow children playing” signs

Some were opposed to the idea of speed bumps, and a few expressed objections to placing stop signs on Vista Drive during the meeting Monday night. However, the majority of those attending the meeting stated that something has to be done. This issue has been talked about several times over the years, and nothing has been done, according to those in attendance at the meeting. The town council took no immediate action, however Town Council member Jon Broglin will talk to the residents along Vista Drive to try and get input on the issue.