First dedicated STEM Makerspace Classroom installed at Lincoln Elementary School

BEDFORD – On Wednesday, May 12, the first dedicated Makerspace Classroom was installed at Lincoln Elementary School, within the North Lawrence Community School (NLCS) District.

In March of this year, United Way of South Central Indiana received a grant from the GM Foundation that enabled two elementary schools, Lincoln Elementary, and Parkview Elementary, to create and implement dedicated STEM Makerspace classrooms.

STEM Makerspaces provide tools to help students learn hands-on STEM skills. The grant funds also supply STEM training for teachers, STEM books, Makerspace kits, and classroom instructional materials for teachers and students to implement the program.

Last year UWSCI partnered with North Lawrence Community Schools to implement STEM education that will provide hands-on lessons in science, technology, engineering, and math in an interdisciplinary approach. Early STEM learning establishes a strong foundation of skills in science, math, creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking.

UWSCI donated $50,000 and $25,000 yearly afterward with the plans to expand to other pre-schools in Lawrence and Orange counties.

The hands-on approach to STEM education helps educators foster a deeper passion in children for science, technology, and mathematics. United Way of South Central Indiana is dedicated to creating “A” schools in Lawrence and Orange Counties with the addition of STEM learning.

The goal is to provide STEM education to all of the elementary schools in both Lawrence and Orange counties. United Way of South Central Indiana seeks to provide STEM education to children in grades K-6 to increase their opportunities for future employment.

About the GM Foundation: General Motors believes that creating a global community will transform the world into one that is more livable, sustainable, and prosperous. Their commitment is demonstrated through investments in STEM education, vehicle and road safety, and community development.

About NLCS: North Lawrence Community Schools provides an educational climate challenging students to work to their potential and offers them an opportunity to succeed within the boundaries of available resources and facilities. They provide varied educational opportunities for all individuals, encouraging the development of the whole person. The education provided is based on democratic principles and challenges each individual to face and accept the responsibilities and challenges of today’s rapidly changing world.

About UWSCI: United Way of South Central Indiana works to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community to advance the common good. They believe in the strength of our community working together. Visit their website at