In a 6-1 vote Bedford Plan Commission rejects zoning change for residential drug detox facility

BEDFORD – In a 6-1 vote the Bedford Plan Commission rejected Michael Coryea’s request to rezone 2620 Industrial Park Drive. Michael Coryea planned to use the facility as a Residential Drug Detox facility. The original plan was to begin with a 15 person inpatient treatment facility and then expand it to a 39-bed facility in the future.

Coryea appeared before the Bedford Plan Commission asking the property located at 2630 Industrial Drive to be rezoned from an I-2 Industrial District to a Professional Residential district last month.

However, Coryea did not attend Tuesday afternoon’s public hearing to answer questions on the proposed zoning changes and address the concerns of those living in the neighborhood.

A petition of 20 residential neighbors to the building was presented that expressed concerns. Concerns for children that attend daycare in the area, White River Lodge that houses elderly patients, and for residents that use the area to walk, and bike.

Several who attended the meeting expressed concerns about what would happen to the property values in the area, safety, and questions on what kind of security would be provided at the facility.

Joe Kirkman, Bruce Cummings, Rebecca Knight, Norman Rollins, Ed Covey, and Dick Dunlap were among the many speakers who spoke against the facility.

The plan commission members then discussed the proposal among themselves. Plan Commission member Steve Kimbley was the only member not to vote against denying the request saying he did not have enough information to vote either way on the zoning change.

Kimbley asked commission members to table the request. The motion died due to lack of a second.

Craig Turpen, another commission member, made a motion to deny the request stating that Coryea should have been at the meeting to address questions and concerns. The plan commission then voted to deny the request in a 6-1 vote.

The City of Bedford requested a zoning change for their property at 2630 to be rezoned from I-2 to PR Professional Residential district to be more functional with permitted uses.

Brandon Woodward, Bedford Planning Director, stated the city was limited on what the property could be used for due to the current zoning.

“We cannot even use the property for a park, based on the current zoning for the location,” said Woodward.

Rebecca Knight asked the city whether the property had to be rezoned to fix the derrick, to which Woodward replied “no”.

At this time the city has no intentions of repurposing the property.

“Should the property be sold, the city will still request an easement to the property so the derrick would remain with the city,” said Woodward.

Bruce Cummings asked if the property would be rezoned and would the public be allowed to speak for or against future uses.

“The public would not have a say on what could or could not be placed on the property once the zoning was changed,” said Woodward.

There was no other questions or concerns on the city’s request therefore, the plan commission moved to approve the request with a 7-0 vote.

In other business:

Deckard & Associates LLC. made a request for a minor subdivision for property located at 2204 I Street. This request was moved on to the a public hearing next month. Lot 1, which is 52 X 108 feet in Bellvue Heights, will be subdivided into two lots. The subdivision will be known as the Deckard Minor Subdivision.

L & C Morris request for a minor subdivision to split the property into three lots.

L & C Morris Properties who was represented by Travis Norman, requested a minor subdivision located at 2704, 2706, and 2708 – 2720 John Williams Boulevard, was moved on to a public hearing next month. The properties will be subdivided into three lots and will be named Morris Minor Subdivision.

L & C Morris request for a minor subdivision to split the property into three lots.

Cammy Stiles’ request to rezone property located at 429 F Street from B-1 Convenience Business to R-3 Medium Density Residential district was moved to a public hearing. Stiles plans to put a modular home on the property. Plan Commission members asked why the property will be zoned R-3 instead of R-1 or R-2 which Plan Director Woodward stated he wanted the zoning in line with the other properties zoned in the area and along GM Drive.