Town of Orleans experiencing ongoing difficulties with mailing and processing town’s utility bills

ORLEANS – The Town of Orleans is experiencing ongoing difficulties with the mailing and processing of the town’s some 900 water utility bills.

According to Orleans Town Clerk Robert F. Henderson, this is a re-occurring problem that stems from the bills being forwarded from the Orleans Post Office that are prepared and mailed according to USPS guidelines on a monthly basis and on to the Indianapolis USPS distribution center for processing.

The bills are expected to be returned in the very same mail container that they were sent in and be returned to the Orleans Post Office the next day for delivery.

Henderson said unfortunately, the bills are being returned in less than a timely manner, which has now become problematic for both the Town and our citizens alike. At times it is taking sometimes up to two solid weeks before all the bills return to Orleans.

Henderson added a number of his fellow town clerks in neighboring communities are all battling the same woes and frustrated water customers.

“The problem rests sorely with whatever is taking place in the distribution center in Indianapolis where the mail is being trucked for processing and not at the local level.”

Henderson has filed a formal letter of complaint with postal authorities and has also sought assistance from Congressman Trey Hollingsworth’s Jeffersonville Office to look into the matter further.

“Our admiration and respect for the Orleans Post Office and its staff are second to none. Again, this is not anything occurring on the local level,” he added.

Those having questions about their water bill are asked to please contact the Orleans Town Offices direct either in person during regular business hours Monday through Friday or by calling (812) 865 – 9930.