I-69 Finish Line update

UNDATED – Over a month’s time, new concrete beams will be installed at up to six new Morgan County bridges, all of which began demolition in January.

The beams are a key part of the structural support for a bridge. Beams were installed at the new I-69 bridge over Sartor Ditch, which is near Ohio Street, in March. More structural beams were installed last week at the new southbound lanes over Clear Creek, just south of Egbert Road.

This week, watch for delivery and installation of beams at State Road 44 in Martinsville and another bridge just north of Egbert Road. The beams are up to 90-feet long. Anticipate short traffic delays when the beams enter and exit the State Road 37 work zone.

In the coming months, concrete beams will be delivered and installed at the southbound bridges over Crooked Creek (near Perry Road) and Stotts Creek (near New Harmony Road), and the new northbound bridge over Indian Creek in Martinsville Creek.

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Morgan County

Through traffic on the northbound S.R. 39 bypass in Martinsville should merge early before approaching Mitchell Drive, near the Hardee’s. Delineators will be installed to reinforce the right-turn-only lane.

Temporary paving will allow S.R. 252 traffic to be shifted south in the coming weeks. Road crews will begin the process of building roundabouts that will control traffic at Cramertown Loop and the I-69 entrance and exit ramps.

For a better picture of what roads are open and closed this year in Morgan County, explore INDOT’s Traffic Access Map.

Johnson County

Between Fairview Road and S.R. 144, S.R. 37 lane closures continue from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Night crews are completing the installation of the northbound barrier wall and expect to finish southbound installation this week.

Expect to see an increase in construction trucks entering and exiting gaps in the barrier walls. The speed limit in the area is reduced to 45 mph. Be sure to slow down and stay alert.

To learn more about upcoming construction see planned road configurations in INDOT’s Corridor Highlights Maps.

Marion County

Crews continue to collect soil samples near I-465 bridges between I-65 and I-70 on the city’s southwest side. Watch for I-465 shoulder closures and lane closures or flaggers on local roads that cross I-465.

The first construction expected in Marion County is new access roads west of S.R. 37 between Wicker Road and Fairview Road in Johnson County.

The construction schedule is developing for Marion County. Color-coded Construction Start Maps will show you what is planned.

The actual starting date and duration for work and any closures may be adjusted if inclement weather or other unforeseen activities occur.