Nominees for St. Joseph County judicial position

ST. JOSEPH – The St. Joseph Superior Court Judicial Nominating Commission will submit a new list of five nominees to Governor Holcomb for the upcoming vacancy of Judge Margot Reagan.

The nominees are:

  • Magistrate Cristal Brisco
  • Magistrate Keith Doi
  • Magistrate Andre Gammage
  • Stephanie Nemeth
  • Magistrate Julie Verheye

The five nominees include four previously named individuals and one replacement nominee. Stephanie Nemeth replaces former nominee Stephanie Steele.

Steele was named as a finalist for two judicial vacancies in St. Joseph County. On February 18, she was named as one of five finalists for a vacancy to fill Judge Jane Woodward Miller’s position. On April 5, Steele was also named as one of five finalists for a vacancy to fill Judge Reagan’s position.

On April 7, the Governor selected Steele from the first of these two panels, appointing her to fill Judge Miller’s position. Steele then withdrew her name from the second panel of nominees for Judge Reagan’s position. By statute, when a nominee withdraws from a panel, the Commission must nominate another person as a replacement.

The applicant names and the Commission’s interviews of the candidates are confidential according to statute. On April 16, the Commission met in executive session to select a nominee to replace Steele. The Commission selected Nemeth. The new list will be submitted to Governor Eric Holcomb who has 60 days to make an appointment to the St. Joseph Superior Court.

The Commission consists of five members including Charles Leone, James (Jay) Lewis, Karen Barnett, Joseph Grabill, and Indiana Supreme Court Justice Christopher Goff (chair). The Commission unanimously selected these five nominees.