MCCSC Schools selected for PATINS Project grant

BLOOMINGTON – Monroe County Community Schools Corporation has been selected as one of only eight school corporations in the state to participate in the AEMing for Achievement grant.

PATINS, stands for Promoting Achievement through Technology and Instruction, supports Indiana public schools as they create equitable learning environments for all students.

This grant opportunity is to assist in

  • Providing accessible educational materials (AEM), which are specialized formats of print-based instructional materials, to students with print disabilities, and
  • Identifying students who require reading accommodations and determining which accommodations work best for them. 

MCCSC is committed to ensuring that its educational materials and websites are accessible, equitable, and user-friendly for everyone. 

If you encounter a problem accessing educational materials, information, or technologies at MCCSC or would like to provide feedback, call 812-330-7700 or email or

MCCSC strives to follow best practices based on federal requirements outlined in Section 508 – the “Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards,” authorized by the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board as well as recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).