Female teen issued summons after causing a disruption, kicking, and biting officers

BEDFORD – A Bedford teen was issued a summons to appear in court on charges of battery on a police officer and disorderly conduct after causing a disturbance at IU Health Hospital Tuesday.

According to Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore, officers were called to IU Health Hospital parking lot after a report of an out of control teenager.

When police arrived they found a 13-year-old female yelling and screaming profanities.

She was asked to stop several times and continued to be disrespectful.

This continued for several minutes and it was determined that the family would take the juvenile female back home and seek assistance from another facility.

While officers tried to explain the situation to the female, she continued to yell and scream from inside the vehicle.  At that time, officers advised her that if she did not stop, she would be arrested for disorderly conduct. She then kicked an officer in the chest and bit another officer on the arm.

Officers were able to remove the female from the vehicle and transport her to the police department and consulted with juvenile probation.

Chief Terry said it was determined by probation to release the juvenile back to her parents with a promise to appear on charges of disorderly conduct and battery on a police officer after she agreed to get medical attention.