Two Mitchell residents arrested after shooting up in bank drive-through

BEDFORD – Two Mitchell residents were arrested after Bedford Police officers were called to Rural King Monday afternoon after a report of possible drug activity.

An employee at Old National Bank called police reporting a vehicle in the bank drive-through had two people in the vehicle shooting up drugs.

The vehicle left the bank and pulled into the parking lot of Rural King.

The officers located the vehicle and asked the occupants if there were any drugs in the vehicle.

Kesha Deckard

Police spoke to 41-year-old Kesha Deckard and 58-year-old Kim Blevins.

Kim Blevins

Police say both occupants appeared nervous and denied there were any drugs in the vehicle.

In Blevins’ pocket police found a baggie that contained crystal meth. Blevins told police the drug was not his and he didn’t know how it got in his pocket.

During a search of the vehicle, police found inside Deckard’s wallet a folded $10 bill. Inside that folded bill was crystal meth. A syringe along with a pill bottle containing cephalexin were discovered inside the purse. They also found a tire valve cover that contained a blue rubber glove. Inside the glove police found more crystal meth.

Both Deckard and Belvins were arrested on a charge of possession of meth and Deckard was also charged with unlawful possession of a syringe.

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