Open access for spring turkey hunters

UNDATED – Hunters looking to chase gobblers on public land this spring can find plenty of opportunity in Indiana’s forests. All 15 state forest properties and 204,000-acre Hoosier National Forest are open for walk-in hunting.

Youth wild turkey season is April 17 and April 18, Adult hunters can take to the fields beginning April 21 through May 9. Hunters will need a valid turkey hunting license and gamebird habitat stamp to participate.

It’s important to remember that these forests are managed for multiple types of recreation, which means you may encounter more people than just other turkey hunters.

Hikers, foragers, horseback riders, campers, and many others enjoy these spaces, too. This openness also allows you to do more than just turkey hunts, so it’s a great excuse to bring the family along.

Hoosier National Forest, Deam Wilderness, and the surrounding area is popular for camping and hunting. Remember, there is no parking along Tower Ridge Road except at the designated spots.

When hunting any public land, remember that property lines are not always clearly marked. Carrying a map that shows property boundaries is important to avoid straying onto private land nearby.

You can find these maps at state and federal forest offices and online.

Indiana’s state forests and Hoosier National Forest are public lands for your use. If you’ve never experienced what these easy-to-access properties offer, turkey season is a great time to start.

Find out more by clicking here. Find resources including the Department of Resources’ Where to Hunt Mapregulationsspring harvest data, processing videos, and more on the DNR website.