Martin County Sheriff forms Posse

MARTIN CO. – Sheriff Travis Roush and the Martin County Sheriff’s Office are excited to announce the upcoming formation and establishment of the Martin County Sheriff’s Posse.

The Posse is being founded to provide additional safety and security for the citizens of Martin County. A Sheriff’s Posse is a group of citizen volunteers, commissioned by the Sheriff, who want to assist their local sheriff’s office with – for the most part – non-law enforcement responsibilities.

The Posse provides a great benefit for our law enforcement and the community in the event of needed additional participation in crucial search and rescue operations and any other situations in which additional assistance may be necessary.

Although Posse members do not necessarily perform official law enforcement functions, they offer invaluable support to the sheriff’s office.

The Posse can be called upon for many purposes, such as in the event of natural disasters and search and rescue missions. For example, the Posse can be called upon to assist in finding missing children or lost elderly residents.

As with the development of the Martin County K-9 and Reserve Deputy programs, the Posse will not be inaugurated overnight.

“We believe in a crawl, walk, run approach, and will utilize this approach with the execution and facilitation of the Posse. We are confident that the community of Martin County will be a safer place to live and raise a family with the completion of this goal.We will be announcing the standards of becoming a Posse member soon,” said Sheriff Roush.

After applicant screening and acceptance, the Sheriff’s Office will host a Citizens Response Seminar for newly appointed Posse members, in which they will cover statutes, rules, regulations, etc. Being a part of the Sheriff’s Posse gives YOU, a citizen of Martin County, an exceptional opportunity to voluntarily serve together with local law enforcement and be a part of keeping our community safe. They are excited about this mission and what it means for our community.