Police find meth in a milkshake, two arrests made

BEDFORD – Two Bedford men were arrested Sunday after a Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputy stopped the vehicle after noticing it was sitting  stationary at the intersection of 16th Street and State Road 37 at the green light.

The officer followed the vehicle and could not read the license plate number. 

The vehicle was stopped at the intersection of Dixie Highway and State Road 37.

Uriah Stickney

Police say, the driver 27-year-old Uriah Stickney, and his passenger 29-year-old Nicholas Arthur, both of Bedford, appeared nervous.

Nicholas Arthur

 The officer wrote Stickney a warning for an obstruction of a license plate.

Officers then asked consent to search the vehicle. K-9 Dusty alerted police to possible drugs in the vehicle. 

Police then questioned Stickney about the theft of a catalytic converter from a vehicle parked at the River boat ramp on March 3, 2021. He denied being at the boat ramp. Police say Stickney’s truck was seen at the boat ramp and the caller had taken down Stickney’s license plate.

Stickney told police multiple people drive his truck and he didn’t steal anything.

During a search of the vehicle police found crystal meth in a Steak N’ Shake oreo milkshake. 

Police seized 1.19 grams of meth. Both denied the meth was theirs.

Both were arrested on a charge of possession of meth.