Brownstown man arrested after lying to police

BEDFORD – A Brownstown man was arrested early Saturday morning after a Bedford stopped his vehicle at 16th and H streets for having a stolen license plate. 

The plate had been reported stolen in Seymour.

According to a probable cause affidavit, the driver, 46-year-old George McGraw, told police he didn’t know the license plate had been stolen and that he had just purchased the vehicle. 

He told police his name was Edward McGraw and could not give police his correct birth date or his social security number.

In McGraw’s passenger, Dezman Harrell’s pocket police found a glass smoking pipe.

The passenger then told officers the driver’s name was George McGraw.

McGraw finally told police his real name and social security number. 

McGraw was arrested on charges of identity deception, conversion, and operating a vehicle while never licensed. Dezman was released from the scene.