BPD arrest four men on drug charges

BEDFORD – Four men were arrested early Tuesday morning after Bedford Police officers were requested to Revere’s Food & Fuel about a possible intoxicated person at the fuel pumps.

The driver had pulled in at the fuel pump the wrong way. The driver also attempted to pay for $10 worth of fuel with $5.

Traven Drake

Officers identified the males as 24-year-old Traven Drake, of Mitchell, and 24-year-old David Robbins, of Bedford.

David Robbins

Officers said they could smell the odor of burnt marijuana on both men.

Police say Drake also appeared impaired. He told officers he had smoked marijuana and ingested Xanax.

In Robbins pockets police found Xanax pills. 

Jordan Williams

Police found 24-year Jordan Williams,of Bedford, sleeping in the back seat.

Police said Williams was impaired. He could not stand or follow instructions and his speech was slurred.

Officers also detected the odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle.  

All three men were arrested. 

Austin Medrano

A fourth man identified as 24-year-old Austin Medrano, of Bedford, approached the officers. He was also traveling with the three other men.

 In his front pocket officers noticed a baggie containing marijuana. 

Officers told him to place his hands behind his back, but Medrano tensed up and resisted the arrest.

He continued to resist as officers placed him in a police vehicle. 

The jail staff found multiple pills of alprazolam  in Medrano’s pocket.

During an inventory of the vehicle, police found 64 alprazolam pills, a clear plastic bag containing marijuana, and a blue smoking device.

Drake, Robbins, Williams and Medrano were arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and public intoxication.

Medrano also faces charges of resisting arrest and trafficking with an inmate.

If you know something, say something. Send an email to drugactivity@lawrencecounty.in.gov or call Lawrence County Prosecutor’s Office tip line at 812-545-4700. All calls are confidential.