Man arrested after pushing a pregnant woman

MITCHELL – A Bloomington man was arrested Tuesday after Mitchell Police officers were called to a home in the 1130 block of West Main Street after a report of a domestic fight.

When police arrived they heard an escalated argument from inside the home. 

Jacob York

Then 28-year-old Jacob York and a female exited the home.

Police say York was agitated and had his fists clenched.

Police told York to stop yelling and to calm down. Police then spoke to the woman, but York yelled “Oh no you don’t dude” and told the woman she didn’t need to speak to the police or answer questions.

York told officers he and the woman were just talking and then attempted to escort the woman back into the home.

The woman told police she and York had dated for several months and just recently broke up. She also said she was 18 weeks pregnant and York was the father.

When the woman arrived home, she found York in the bedroom with a meth pipe in his lap and other drugs in the room. She confronted York about his drug use and the two began arguing. York pushed over furniture causing it to break. The woman attempted to leave and York pushed her. The woman requested to file charges.

She told police she was scared of York and was afraid he would seriously hurt her. 

While speaking to police, York approached the woman and demanded the woman go inside and fix him something to eat because he was hungry.

York was told by the officer to step back and he replied, “no, this is my property”. York was once again warned to calm down.

York told the officer he was going inside the home to get his phone and record the incident, because “the police are harassing me”.  After several seconds, Jacob returned with his phone.

While officers continued to speak to the woman, York continued to loudly interrupt the conversation.  The woman became upset and began to cry. 

When officers attempted to detain York, he yelled, “I didn’t do nothing wrong” and ran toward the home. 

 An officer pursued York and ordered him to stop, but he ignored the officer’s commands.  York resisted and tried to escape when the officer attempted to handcuff him.

York continued to resist which caused both York and the officer to fall to the ground. York was handcuffed and then apologized.

Police found marijuna, several smoking pipes and a baggie of crystal meth within the home.

York has a a domestic battery arrest history, two previous convictions and one pending in Monroe County.

York was arrested on charges of battery causing injury to a pregnant woman, resisting arrest by fleeing and force, possession of meth, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia with a prior conviction.

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