Mitchell Police seize drugs, arrest made for dealing drugs

MITCHELL – A Mitchell man was arrested Saturday for dealing drugs after Mitchell Police officers were alerted to a medical emergency at the Mitchell Carwash on West Main Street.

The caller reported a male was unconscious in the driver’s seat with his door open.

Jared Holt

When police arrived they found 39-year-old Jared Holt unconscious in a Pontiac. 

Officers were able to wake Holt, who told police “I’m okay.”

Police say they could smell the burnt odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle.

An ambulance arrived on the scene. Holt was checked out by the medical crew and then refused medical treatment.

Officers found a container in Holt’s pocket that contained multiple pills.

In Holt’s vehicle police found a smoking pipe with meth residue and other paraphernalia in the glove box.

On the driver’s seat, officers found an Altoids container with three small baggies of crystal meth located inside it.

Inside of Holt’s wallet was a large amount of cash. In the center console officers found more money rolled up and secured by a rubber band.

Inside a backpack found in the back seat, officers found digital scales with traces of meth residue on them. 

Inside Holt’s work boots that were in the vehicle, police found additional bottles of pills.

Officers also found multiple baggies and containers with marijuana in them along with rubber containers containing THC wax.

Police seized  6.30 grams of meth, $1,356 in cash, 116 grams of marijuana, and 75 pills including Xanaz and Clopazepam.

Police then searched the home where Holt was living in the 200 block of Wells Avenue where police found two cell phones, several baggies, containers of marijuana, smoking utensils, five containers of THC wax, digital scales and other illegal items. At the home police seized 9.85 grams of marijuana.

Police say Holt has numerous drug convictions including dealing in a controlled substance.

He now faces charges of dealing and possession of meth, dealing and possession of marijuana, dealing and possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia.

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