Men’s Warming Center closing for the season

BEDFORD – The Men’s Warming Center will be closing on March 31, 2021 and will be moving to a new location next year.

“We had a very wonderful year here, helping five of the men find jobs, and now we are working on trying to find housing for seven men as we close for the season,” said Rev. Robert Pendergrass director of Men’s Warming Center in Bedford. “Housing has been a challenge in our area, these seven men will need a place to stay once our facility closes.”

If you are interested to help, contact Robert Pendergrass at 812-583-4981.

The shelter had an average of 10 men each night stay at the facility.

Officials want to thank the many businesses,  groups, and churches that were instrumental in providing meals, supplies, and other needs

“Without the the risk of leaving someone out from the church and business community we just want to let them all know we appreciate everything they have done for us this year,” said Pendergrass.

The Men’s Warming Shelter provides a place for men to go and get out of the cold elements. According to officials, several years ago a Bedford man died of hypothermia from being exposed to the cold.

The goal of the group is not only to provide needed shelter, but to help them find employment, a place to live, and put the pieces of their lives back together again.

“We want to help them become a productive member to the community,” Pendergrass added.

The Men’s Warming Shelter has relied on volunteers to provide services. Some of those services include working with the men to get their social security cards, and identification so they can find employment.

“Our volunteers this year, have been dedicated with little or no turn-over this year,” said Pendergrass.