Indianapolis man arrested on meth charges

MITCHELL – An Indianapolis man was arrested Saturday after a Mitchell Police officer stopped his vehicle on State Road 37 for speeding.

Garrett Morrow

 The driver 25-year-old Garrett Morrow was stopped at State Road 37 and Hancock Avenue.

Morrow told the officer he was traveling to his mother’s house which was about six miles away. The officer told Morrow he was going to issue him a warning. But the officer noticed Morrow would not look at him and his hands were shaking.

The officer discovered Morrow was not in possession of his driver’s license and the vehicle did not belong to him. Morrow was also unable to provide the officer with the name of the registered owner.

The officer then learned Morrow’s driving privileges had been suspended.

While impounding the vehicle, the officer conducted an inventory and found a glass smoking pipe with meth residue inside the vehicle.

Morrow was then detained. 

Morrow told the officer he last smoked meth that morning. Morrow admitted to smoking a “20 sack a day”. A ”20 sack” is approximately 1/4 grams of  meth. 

Morrow was arrested on charges of possession of meth and drug paraphernalia.

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