Two arrested on meth charges after traffic stop

BEDFORD – Two people were arrested Tuesday afternoon after a Bedford Police officer stopped the driver  for making an improper stop at 17th and P streets. The driver stopped at 17th and Q streets.

Lacey Barlow

Police arrested 29-year-old Lacey Barlow on charges of possession of meth and drug paraphernalia and her passenger 26-year-old Dakota Stinson, of Oolitic, on charges of dealing and possession of meth, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Dakota Stinson

Police say both Barlow and Stinson were nervous and Barlow was fidgety. 

The officer began his search of the vehicle, but Stinson told the officer to stop and just write them a ticket and let them be on their way.

Canine Zazu then walked around the vehicle and alerted officers to drugs in the vehicle. 

During the search officers located a backpack in the back seat that contained a digital scale with meth residue on it.

Stinson then told police he had a large amount of cash in the backpack he was going to use to buy a vehicle. Police located $3,500 which was in seven $500 increments.

Police also found a handwritten ledger with several names and phone number and dollar amounts listed next to those names.

There were also several empty zip-lock style baggies found in the backpack.

In Barlow’s backpack police found a black digital scale with meth residue.

Both denied knowing there were any scales that had meth on them in the vehicle. Officers also confiscated 3 iPhones.  

Stinson then granted officers consent to search his garage where he lives at 824 Smith Avenue in Oolitic. During that search, officers found two glass smoking devices with burnt meth residue inside. Police also found a black digital scale with meth residue and a plastic bag containing crystal meth and a plastic container containing marijuana. 

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