Bedford City Council passes ordinances for stop signs and speed reduction for housing additions

BEDFORD – The Bedford City Council passed the third and final passage of an ordinance that will reduce the speed in the Edgewood housing addition.

The speed limit will be reduced from 30 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour throughout the whole housing addition.

In addition, the Bedford City Council approved the third and final passage of an ordinance that will add stop signs in the Broadview North Addition.

Ryan Griffith was approached by residents of the area wanting to see if the city could install the signs using posts that are already existing for the addition.

Bedford Mayor Sam Craig told Griffith he was aware of the request. The city is trying to meet the request and meet the standards required by the law.

A city ordinance was also passed to transfer funds from General Unrestricted funds to the CARES Act/ Small Business Grant Fund. The $10,000 will be used for the grant to help small business impacted by COVID-19. By approving this transfer the chances of getting the grant is improved. A total of $260,000 will be used to help small businesses within the community.

Tax abatements for the Stalker Apartments and Stonecutters Place were approved Monday night. Both buildings have no vacancies and there is a waiting list for apartments when they become available. Hoosier Uplands is in compliance with the terms and conditions of the tax abatements.

Renters are current on their rent thanks to the cooperation of township trustees, the Salvation Army, and other organizations that have helped them during this challenging year.

Bedford City council approved the second passage of amending the maximum towing and storage charges for abandoned vehicles within the city. The last change was made in 1984, according to Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore.

The ordinance was changed from a $25 towing fee to an $80 towing fee and from a $5 storage fee to a $30 fee for outside storage of a vehicle to $ 40 for inside storage of the vehicle. The third and final passage of this ordinance will take place next month.

The ordinance for removal of abandoned vehicles was amended to be current with Indiana State Law. The previous ordinance read the cost would be $100 and the ordinance will be changed to $1,000. The final passage to amend this ordinance will take place at the next city council meeting.