Mitchell man arrested on domestic battery charges

MITCHELL – A Mitchell man was arrested Tuesday after Mitchell Police officers were called to a home in the 700 block of Gilbert Drive.

When officers arrived they spoke to a male caller who said they found 41-year-old Jeremy Jones lying in the road, yelling for someone to call 911. 

Officers said a teen exited the home with a bag and started to walk quickly away.

The officers stopped the crying teen who presented injuries on her arm and elbow and was bleeding. 

The teen told officers this was not the first time Jones had hurt her. She told police she was in her room on the phone when Jones came in, took her phone and started hitting her. He then choked her and dragged her through the hallway into the living room. He continued to hit her while he sat on her. The teen told police her sister witnessed what happened and ran from the home. The injured teen also told police a second sister, a 6-year old, was still in the home. Officers found the 6-year old child hiding behind a door in a bedroom.

The 6-year old child told police she witnessed Jones hitting her older sister.  An officer then played a game of tic tac toe with the child to help calm her.

The siblings told police their mother was at work at a restaurant in Mitchell. 

Police were then alerted to several 911 calls from Wendy’s. The sister that fled the home ran across town to the restaurant to get their mother and to call 911. 

An officer spoke to the girl who was at Wendy’s on the phone. The girl reported Jones was beating on her sister and she ran to get help.

Both the mother and the girl got a ride back to the home.

Jones was arrested on charges of three counts of child neglect, domestic battery in the presence of a minor, and strangulation and was transported to the Lawrence County Jail.

The Department of Child Services was also contacted. 

Officers detected the odor of burnt marijuana in the home. 

On Jones’ person officers found a small digital scale.

After securing a warrant for the home, officers found several illegal items in the home. The specifics of those items are not known at this time, they were not listed on the probable cause affidavit.

If you or someone you know is involved in a domestic violence situation and needs help, call Hoosier Hills PACT 24-hour crisis line at 1-888-883-1959 or visit their website at

The agency can provide emergency assistance with shelter to those in domestic violence situations.  Hoosier Hills Pack also provides assistance with court advocacy, protective orders, education, outreach programs, support groups, and more.