Woman arrested after found rolling around in a parking lot

BEDFORD – A Mitchell woman was arrested Friday night after Bedford Police officers were called to the 1220 block of 17th Street after a report of a fight in a parking lot. 

Kaylyn Ely

When officers arrived at 9:49 p.m. they found a male putting his hands on a female identified as 24-year-old Kaylyn Ely. Both were inside a silver Ford Focus.

Police found numerous small miscellaneous items scattered throughout the parking lot and the roadway as if a struggle ensued.  

Both front doors were opened on the vehicle and a used hypodermic syringe was located in plain view on the floorboard between the  driver’s side door and the seat. 

Bedford K-9 Zazu alerted officers to drugs in the vehicle. No other illegal items were found in the vehicle. 

Ely was detained, Both individuals were separated and escorted in the back of different patrol vehicles.  

 The caller told officers she heard someone moaning and saw the male and female in the parking lot. The female, Ely, was rolling around on the ground in the middle of the parking lot. 

The caller says the male was trying to get the female to get in the vehicle and get her to calm down.

The man told officers the syringe and the vehicle belonged to Ely.

The man told police Ely was messed up and drove to the parking lot. 

He said she then started rolling around in the parking lot and he attempted to get her back in the vehicle to get her to “chill’.

Police say Ely was unsteady and had to be assisted to stand up and her speech was slurred.

Ely admitted that she used heroin during the night, but that she used a syringe belonging to someone else and did not believe that it was in her vehicle.  

The male was released from the scene. Ely was arrested on charges of unlawful possession of a syringe and public intoxication.