Mitchell man arrested for violating a protective order

MITCHELL – A Mitchell man was arrested Tuesday after Mitchell Police officers were called to a home in the 510 block of West Frank Street after a report of an unwanted male trying to gain entry to the residence.

When police arrived at 4:49 a.m. they found the interior and exterior lights on. The windows and doors of the residence were secure and police did not locate anyone outside of the residence.

Police were unsuccessful at getting a response from anyone from inside the residence to come to the door.

Mark Nowark

The dispatcher then alerted the officer that 52-year-old Mark Nowark had locked himself and his wife in their upstairs bedroom. To allow police to gain entry to the home, Nowark stated he would open the side window of the house and toss down the keys to the officer.

Nowark told the officer he was scared to come out because he believed someone was inside the residence.  

Officers used the key to unlock the door and entered the residence. They searched the home and found no one inside the residence and nothing appeared to be disturbed. 

Officers then approached the bedroom door and alerted the family they did not locate anyone inside the residence.

While speaking to the officers, they learned there was an active protective order in place preventing Nowark to be in contact with his wife. She told police it was from a domestic incident in October 2020 when Nowark was arrested on a charge of domestic battery resulting in injury. The wife told police she was in the process of getting the order dropped.  

Nowark told the officer they have children together and he “can’t just stay away from her”. 

The officer told Nowark because there was an active protective order in place, he was not to have contact either directly or indirectly with his wife. 

Nowark was arrested without incident on a charge of invasion of privacy.