Lawrence County Superior Court II Judge Bob Cline Resolves Mandate Issue For County Council

(LAWRENCE CO.) – The Lawrence County Council was issued a mandate by former Judge William Sleva on December 29, 2020 to raise the wages of Superior Court II staff.

The mandate would have cost Lawrence County Taxpayers an additional $17,000 a year.

Tuesday night, Superior Court II Judge Robert Cline proposed an annual bonus structure instead of an annual wage increase for Superior Court II staff.

Judge Cline offered $3,750 of his $5,000 stipend, which he receives each year from the county, to be used as a portion of the proposed bonus for court staff. The county agreed to appropriate an additional $2,250 towards the bonus. The bonus sum will then be split between the six Superior Court II employees, each receiving a quarterly bonus of $250 this year.

“By Judge Cline offering this as a solution, this will be a huge saving to the county, and we want to thank him for doing so,” said Scott Smith president of the Lawrence County Council.

Lawrence County Superior Court II Judge Bob Cline

The council approved the proposal, however, the State Administrators and State Board of Accounts will also need to approve the bonus proposal.

“I am glad we have all worked together to get things resolved,” said Scott Smith Lawrence County Council president.