City Of Bedford To Apply For Third Round of COVID-19 Funding

(BEDFORD) – The City of Bedford is applying for the third phase of COVID-19 funding for small businesses.

The first time the city applied it did not receive any funding. During the second round of funding, the city received $250,000. The money was used to help 30 businesses that employed approximately 144 employees.

In this round of grant funding, the city will add an additional $10,000 to help a few more businesses. By adding the additional funding it will help the City of Bedford score higher in the points needed to receive the grant.

A public hearing was held on the application and the city appropriating the additional funds to help businesses. No one spoke for or against the proposal Tuesday night.

The third and final passage to apply for the grant and to appropriate the additional funds is expected at the next city council meeting.

The city will pay Administrative Resources association (ARa) $6,250 in administration fees to apply for the grant. If the city does not receive the grant the $10,000 set aside will remain unappropriated.

According to Trena Carter with ARa the guidelines will remain similar to the second grant award.

The application is due by March 11th. The grant awards are expected to be announced on April 15th.