Bedford Board Of Works Approves Personnel Promotions

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford Board of Works Tuesday afternoon approved permanent status for Bedford Police Officer Brent Thompkins.

“Officer Thompkins has done a great job for us,” said Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore in his recommendation.

Bedford Fire Inspector Jason Stigall was approved permanent status as Fire Inspector 1st class.

“Inspector Stigall has completed more than 200 inspections of local businesses and has not slowed down. He was promoted in January of 2020,” said Bedford Fire Chief John Hughes.

The board approved the hiring of three firefighters pending Indiana Public Retirement System approval.

  • Josh Morron
  • Ethan Bohnenkamp
  • Seth Thomas

These men will replace three firefighters who left to join other fire departments. Two of those firefighters were hired by Monroe Fire Protection District. They will make approximately $20,000 more a year.

The Bedford Fire Department also has one firefighter on medical leave.

With these three new hires the department will be fully staffed.

Chief Hughes asked the board for a policy change that would require a new hire to reimburse the department for any equipment that is purchased for that new hire if they leave before their first year of employment is complete.

“At this time I have $2,800 worth of turnout gear sitting in the fire station, due to a firefighter leaving within in his first year of employment,” said Chief Hughes. “We spend a lot of money on training, and equipment for these firefighters.

“This policy is also is used in the police department, due to high turnover and we have never had this issue until now in the fire department,” added Bedford Mayor Sam Craig.

The Board approved the new policy.

The other policy in regards to overtime and comp time within the fire department was tabled until it can be reviewed for proper legal language.

Chief Hughes requested a change to the overtime and comp time policy. The board will review his request and addresses it at a later date.