Board of Works Approves Disposal Of City Property

(BEDFORD) – The Board of Works approved a resolution on Street Commissioner David Flinn’s request of disposing of city property which includes vehicles.

“Originally, we were going to try and auction off these vehicles, but have since decided it would cost us less to just junk these vehicles out,” said Flinn.

The Town of Oolitic is interested in one of the vehicles for parts – its body. The City of Bedford passed a resolution to give the vehicle to the town. The Oolitic Town Council will now have to vote on accepting the vehicle at their next meeting. Should the town council decide they do not want the vehicle, the City of Bedford will dispose of the vehicle as junk.

In other business the Board of Works:

  • Approved the placement of two ” No Trucks Allowed” signs at the intersection of 5th and E streets. This was approved after complaints of semi and trucks causing significant damage to two homeowner’s properties. This is the first step in addressing this issue according to Bedford Police Chief Moore. Should this not take care of the problem then further action will be taken.
  • The Board of Works approved the acceptance of a minor subdivision for Charles Hensley at 1809 12th Street.