Lawrence County Commissioner Seek To Remove Three -Way Stop On Bartlettsville Road

(LAWRENCE CO.) – The Lawrence County Commissioners are looking to remove a three-way stop at the intersection of Wallner Quarry and Bartlettsville roads.

During their meeting, Tuesday morning they asked Lawrence County Attorney David Smith to draft an ordinance and amendment to remove the north and south stop signs on Bartlettsville Road.

The intersection was realigned approximately three years ago. Wallner Quarry Road was moved to help improve the intersection. To address motorists speeding through the intersection, a three-way stop was erected as an additional safety measure.

However, the three-way stop has created a problem for motorists traveling north and south at the intersection, especially during inclement weather.

Commissioners Wally Branham and Dustin Gabhart have both visited the intersection to view the issues. Sheriff Mike Branham also conducted a safety study prior to the three-way stop being established. Officers continue to monitor the speed issues on Bartlettsville Road.

However, everyone agreed the three-way stop has created more issues than it has prevented.

Attorney David Smith will present the ordinance at the next commissioner’s meeting.