Many Factors Weighed Before a Red Travel Status Is Declared

(JACKSON CO.) – Jackson County moved into the Red Status late Monday evening just like many other counties in South-Central Indiana.

File photo: A lot goes into deciding a travel status for County Commissioners

According to Jackson County Commissioner Drew Markel, there is a lot of discussions before making the decision to move to a red status.

It is not taken lightly or made without input from all parties involved,” said Markel. “Closing down travel for the entire county affects many people and businesses.”

Jackson County District 1 Commissioner Drew Markel

At this time, Jackson County Commissioners have not committed to a set time to determine status changes.

“We will review the travel status in the morning,” said Markel. “The decision will be based on conditions.”

Jackson County Government does not control private businesses and whether they open or not.

We cannot answer questions about individual employers. If you have a question you must contact your HR Department,” Markel added.

Please DO NOT call local police departments with NON EMERGENCY calls. During RED travel status, dispatch gets inundated with calls about numerous issues that are NON EMERGENCY. If you are on the line with a non emergent situation, a real emergency call may not get answered. Reserve 911 for EMERGENCIES ONLY.