INDOT Southeast Issues Full Call-out Ahead of Winter Storm

(UNDATED) – The Indiana Department of Transportation Southeast District has issued a full call-out of plow trucks ahead of a significant winter storm expected tonight through Tuesday.

The National Weather Service predicts at least four to six inches of snow across the area, with totals of eight to nine inches in some locations.

A Winter Storm Warning is in effect today and lasts through 7 a.m. Tuesday for the entire Southeast district. High rates of snowfall and cold temperatures are expected and will cause travel impacts. Slick conditions and low visibility will be concerns as the storm moves through.

1340 AM WBIW, Super Oldies 105.5 WQRK, and Lite FM 102.5 WPHZ will keep you updated on weather, traffic, and emergency information throughout this winter storm.

Plow drivers will begin reporting between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. Sunday evening to start monitoring and treating state roads. Shift changes will take place at midnight and noon on Monday until roadways improve.

  • Bloomington Sub District: 28 trucks (full call-out) 
  • Columbus Sub District: 29 trucks (full call-out)
  • Madison Sub District: 30 trucks (full call-out)
  • Aurora Sub District: 28 trucks (full call-out)
  • Falls City Sub District: 24 trucks (full call-out)

Motorists are encouraged to slow down and give plow trucks plenty of room to work.

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