Two Arrested on Domestic Battery Charges

(BEDFORD) – Two people were arrested Friday on criminal trespassing and domestic battery charges after Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputies were called to a home in the 7380 block of  Leatherwood Road after a report of a battery.

When police arrived both male and female occupants of the residence were outside in the yard.

James Dunn

The two occupants of the residence told police that 30-year-old James Dunn and 19-year-old Morgan Dunn arrived at the residence unwanted.

Morgan Dunn

When Morgan approached the door of the residence, she was told to vacate the property. Meanwhile, James remained in the vehicle but was verbally taunting the occupants of the property.

Both occupants stepped outside of the home to confirm whom was sitting in the vehicle yelling at them, they told police.

The occupant of the vehicle, James Dunn, exited the vehicle and punched the male in the face. The male suffered minor injuries from the blow.

Morgan Dunn aquired a can of pepper spray from the vehicle, and sprayed it in the female’s face. The female of the residence suffered pain, burning, redness, and swelling to her face and eyes.

It was at that time Morgan and James Dunn fled the property and the occupants of the residence contacted the authorities.

James Dunn and Morgan Dunn were arrested by deputies with the Jackson  County Sheriff’s Department and transported to the Lawrence County Jail.