Oolitic Volunteer Fire Department Asks For LOIT Funds

(OOLITIC) – Oolitic Volunteer Fire Chief Ted Maze requested the Oolitic Town Council to amend the town ordinance which would allow the town to start paying the department Local Option Income Tax Revenue Funds to the department in 2022.

“Instead of asking for an increase in our fire contract, we would like the town to redo the ordinance and return to giving us LOIT funds,” Maze told council members Monday night.

In November, Oolitic Town Council approved to pay the fire department $34,750 for fire coverage in 2021. The department has not seen an increase in more than 5 years.

The department responded to more than 241 runs in 2020, most were for emergency medical responses for COVID-19.

“The department has also increased its roster up to 24 firefighters from 16 which costs $2,000 to fully equip them,” Maze noted.

It takes over $2,000 to equip one firefighter, there are 24 firefighters on Oolitic VFD.

“If you would allow us to start receiving some LOIT Funds we will not ask for an increase in our fire contract,” Maze added.

The fire department also needs some new equipment. This includes new air packs for the firefighters which will cost about $8,000.

“This is not a wish list, but what we will be needing in the coming year,” Maze said.

The Oolitic Volunteer Fire Department provides mutual aid to all the county fire departments. However, Oolitic Volunteer Fire Department is the only fire department in Lawrence County who does not receive Local Option Income Tax Funds.

Oolitic VFD Firefighter suits up for a fire in 2020.

Lawrence County Volunteer Fire Departments LOIT Funds disbursal for 2021:

  • Indian Creek Township – $5,828.22
  • Marion Township – $ 18,546.20
  • Marshall Township – $8,557.10
  • Perry Township – $3,985.61
  • Pleasant Run Township – $5,840.84
  • Shawswick Township – $37,031.43
  • Huron – $3,761.78

Marion Township receives LOIT Funds for Bono Township, and Shawswick Township receives LOIT funds for Guthrie Township. However, each township trustee is responsible for awarding a fire contract to a fire department.