Biddy Basketball Programs Provide Life Lessons to Youth

(HELTONVILLE) – Basketball is still king in Indiana. Many biddy basketball programs not only provide youth the opportunity of exercise but they also learn life lessons along the way.

Biddy basketball players in action.

Biddy basketball programs have been a great way for youth to enjoy a winter sport. There are many benefits to the youth biddy ball programs.

In Heltonville, one of the favorite pastimes, basketball, is still played on Saturdays and Sundays. On weekends you can hear the referee’s whistle, and the basketball pound the floor as the players work the ball towards the basket, while the crowd cheers for their favorite players.

A player dribbles a ball down the court at a Heltonville, Indiana gym.
Rob Hedges, coach of the second grade Franklin Grizz’s
Players go after the ball for a possession on Saturday

Basketball is a fun sport for all ages and teaches youth several things.

“We work with our boys in controlling the things they can, their effort and attitude,” said Rob Hedges, coach for the 2nd Grade team Franklin Grizz.

Hedges says it is wonderful to watch a boy that has no knowledge of the sport to grow up to be a strong player who has also learned life lessons along the way.

“We teach teamwork, and working together towards a common goal,” added Hedges.

The Midwest Youth Tournaments allow youth from second grade to eighth grade to compete in tournaments throughout the state.

“We follow state guidelines and government regulations for our tourneys. Masks must be worn at all times, generally, only the parents of those players who are playing the game are allowed in. At this time, no visitors are allowed. We want to keep everyone safe,” said Chuck Hensley founder and owner of Midwest Youth Tournaments.

Hensley has owned the business for more than 25 years and host tournaments all over the state.

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