NLCS School Board Votes To Transfer 5 Acre Lot Back To Perry Township Trustee

(BEDFORD) – The North Lawrence Community School board voted Thursday night to convey five acres, which includes Springville School, back to Perry Township.

The corporation owns a total of ten acres. The school corporation is only conveying the five acres originally owned by Perry Township.

Perry Township used the five acres for school purposes back in 1961 until the consolidation of North Lawrence Schools Corporation. Under Indiana State Law the property must be offered back to the township if the school corporation no longer uses the property.

North Lawrence School board voted 7-0 to convey five acres to Perry Township Trustee Bob Phillips

Perry Township Trustee Bob Phillips expressed his interest in acquiring the property for the Lawrence County Independent Schools who recently received a charter to operate for the next five years beginning in June 2021.

Bob Phillips Perry Township Trustee

If the township decides they no longer want the property they are working on an agreement with NLCS to convey the property back to the school corporation.