Bedford Board of Works Will Meet Tuesday

(BEDFORD) – The City of Bedford Board of Works and Safety will meet on Tuesday, January 19th at 4 p.m.

The meeting will be held at the City Concourse at 1402 H Street.

On the agenda:

Call To Order
Reading And Approval Of Minutes – December 21st, 2020
Old Business

  1. Under Advisement – Recommendation Of Bid – Riley Pump Station Elimination Project – Kyle
    Myers, Misty Adams
    New Business
  2. Request Approval And Acceptance Of Safety Plan For TASC Department – Dennis Parsley
  3. Request Approval And Acceptance Of Minor Subdivision For Jerry Rowland – 2 Lots – SE ¼ Of
    Section 16, TSN,R1W – Brandon Woodward
  4. Request Approval Of Police Department Rules And Regulations – Use Of Force Update – Chief
    Terry Moore
  5. Request Approval Of Reduced Speed Limit In Edgewood Addition – From 30 MPH To 20 MPH –
    Chief Terry Moore
    Effected Streets:
    • Central Avenue
    • Edgewood Drive
    • Linwood Drive
    • Eastwood Drive
    • Westwood Drive
    • Southwood Drive
    • Circle Court
    • Circle Drive
    • J Hunter Drive
    • Northwood Drive
    • Woodhill Drive
    • Windwood Drive
  6. Request Approval Of Stop Signs At Intersections In Broadview North Addition – Chief Terry
    • Morgan Drive’s Intersection At Oakridge Drive
    • Dogwood Courts Intersection At Oakridge Drive
    • Alder Courts Intersection At Oakridge Drive
  7. Request Approval And Acceptance Of Personnel Replacement – Hiring Of Candidate Robert
    Harris – Police Department – Chief Terry Moore
  8. Request Acceptance Of SOP # 105 – Sick Leave And Light Duty Status Policy – Fire Department –
    John Hughes
  9. Approval To Sign Claims
  10. Discussion
  11. Adjourn