Governor Holcomb Unveiled Budget Proposal

(INDIANAPOLIS) – Governor Holcomb unveiled his budget proposal for Indiana–– the ninth straight balanced budget in a row.

Here’s the bottom line:

While states all across the country have to make drastic funding cuts across the board, Hoosiers will be seeing the exact opposite.

Governor Holcomb says Indiana’s schools, roads, and businesses will actually be seeing an increase in funding over the coming year as a result of common-sense fiscal management.

Here are some of Governor Holcomb’s top budget priorities:

Protect Indiana’s historic investments in K-12 Education

Throughout the pandemic, teachers, administrators, and schools have gone above and beyond to safely teach students. Indiana must provide them an increase in funding under the new budget so that they can continue to support children’s education.

Maintain Support for Manufacturing Readiness Grants

The pandemic made it clear that as a nation, the government must create and support manufacturing operations. By investing in manufacturing grants, Hoosier companies will be able to lead the way in creating critical products such as personal protective equipment.

Defend historic investments in Workforce Ready and Employer Training Grants

Governor Holcomb says Indiana has made historic investments in the Hoosier workforce since 2017, leading to more businesses setting up shop and more jobs being created right here at home. As Indiana looks to come out of the pandemic stronger than ever, the government must continue to pave the way for a strong recovery by investing in the Hoosier workforce and the jobs of tomorrow.

Pay down debt to save Hoosiers on future interest payments

Governor Holcomb’s budget proposal doubles down on fiscal responsibility by paying off $702 million in various state and local debt liabilities. This payment will save Hoosiers money by eliminating future interest payments and will also free up money local school corporations can use for teacher pay increases.

Governor Holcomb says each of these crucial investments will pave the way for better schools, stronger infrastructure, more jobs, and more booming businesses within our state borders not just in 2021, but for years to come.

Governor Holcomb says he is proud of how Hoosiers have stepped up in the face of all the challenges brought on by the pandemic, and he’s even more excited about the state’s future.