2021 INDOT Consultant Open Houses

(INDIANAPOLIS) – The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) will be hosting Consultant Open Houses throughout the 2021 calendar year. Each District plans to host approximately 50 of these “meet and greets”.

Efforts will be made to schedule these “meets and greets” between RFP advertisements. Interested firms participating in these open houses will be allotted one 30-45 minute time slot per district per year. These open houses are for both INDOT and interested firms to: 

  • Meet and further develop or form relationships. 
  • Interested firms to understand what the INDOT District is looking for in Letters of Interest 

No items on either the 12 month RFP list or those currently advertised may be discussed at these events.   Venue, whether online or at INDOT district facilities, is at the discretion of the INDOT district and is subject to change.  Interested consultants should contact the district’s respective coordinator to obtain district specific instructions.  In emails, please include: 

  • Consultant Open House 2021” in the Subject of the email 
  • Firm Name and contact information 
  • Firm’s Prequalification work types
  • Areas the firm has interest in discussing during the scheduled meeting time (Program Management, Environmental Services, Construction Inspection etc.) 

District Coordinator’s emails are:   

Questions about the 2021 INDOT Consultant Open Houses should be directed to the District Coordinator emails above.