Two Issued Summons After Stealing from Walmart

(BEDFORD) – A man and woman were arrested after Bedford Police say the two were stealing Christmas presents from Walmart.

Bedford Police issued summons to appear in court to 44-year-old Jeffrey Crowder and 41-year-old Christina Perry on charges of trespassing and theft.

According to a probable cause affidavit, on December 26th Bedford Police officers were called to Walmart after a report that loss prevention stopped Crowder and Christina Perry for stealing miscellaneous items.

Crowder told police he was stealing because he wanted to get his sister Christmas gifts and he just didn’t have enough money for the items.

Perry told police she wasn’t the one scanning the items or placing them in the cart; however, she says she knew what Perry was doing.

Police learned that Crowder was issued a no trespass order from the store in September 2021.  

The store employee told police they saw Crowder place a Kool-aid package on top of a pair of “high dollar” headphones. The employee then watched Crowder scan the Kool-aid instead of the headphones. Crowder continued to scan the Kool-aid package for other items in his cart.

Walmart was able to provide police a receipt for the stolen items, which came to a total of $79.83 pre-tax. Walmart advised that Jeffrey only rendered a payment of $1.92 pre-tax while scanning the Kool-aid packages. 

Both Crowder and Perry were issued a summons to appear in court on charges of criminal trespassing and theft. They were released from the scene.