Dr. Mungle Says Playground Equipment Repurposed To Other Schools During School Board Meeting


(BEDFORD) – Dr. Ty Mungle informed the school board the playground equipment that was at Springville Elementary will be moved to Oolitic, Shawswick, and Parkview Elementary school. The equipment is needed after the consolidations of the schools.

Playground equipment, desks, furniture, and bleachers that were purchased by bonds have were relocated to Shawswick, Oolitic, and Parkview schools.

Mungle stated the post on social media regarding the playground equipment being thrown in dumpsters was inaccurate.

Mungle continued to remark that many of the cabinets, desks and bleachers from the now-closed elementary schools have been moved to Oolitic, Lincoln, and Parkview schools.

Mungle further disclosed that smartboards are now in every classroom, another benefit from the school consolidation equipment allocation. School members toured many of the schools stating some of the empty classrooms are now full of students and equipment.

Also during the school board meeting the board:

  • Approved the assignment of Tammy Davis to Technology Coordinator from the previous role of Data Technician
  • Approved the extension of Administrator’s Contracts for assistant principals up to June 6, 2022. These include Wendy Butterfield, Matthew Canada, Jordan Key, Cheryl Knight, Kelsey Pace, Kelli Terrell and Hein Tlusek.
  • Approved ESCRT which is a state consortium of insurance of property damage, casualty, and workman’s compensation insurance. This is a liability risk pool and North Lawrence Community Schools is the 95th school district to join the group. Savings to the school district is approximately $90,000 a year. Bids for Liberty Mutual was $605,000 and the proposal from ESCRT was $515,000.

The appraisals for Fayetteville and Springville have been forwarded to the US Bank. Once the signatures are obtained, the liens to be removed from both of those schools.

Dr. Ty Mungle provided board members an update on COVID-19. Schools continue to be on a virtual format and will continue to strive to attend in person when possible.

Lawrence County Health Dr. Alan Smith recommended our schools to not be at full capacity. Steps have been taken to help create social distancing space. In addition to 45 percent of the North Lawrence Community students at all grade levels not attending school, freeing more space, the schools have also utilized gyms and cafeteria space wisely.

Teachers and principals continue to workin several ways to help with social distancing practices as elementary students continue to attend class.

The daily average for those not attending school is 5 percent on a regular basis and most of the time the quartine rate for the schools does not exceed 5 percent in most cases. Dr. Mungle says the corporation continues to monitor the situation and procedures are in place to act accordingly.

“Southern Indiana Pediatrics recommended that the school corporation needed to do all we could do to keep students in the classrooms,” said Dr. Mungle.