I-69 On Track Weekly Update

(MARTINSVILLE) – More progress on I-69 Finish Line means new access and new connections for motorists in Martinsville.

Local access roads that are being realigned southeast of State Road 37 are beginning to open to traffic. Residents are now using a new section of Commercial Boulevard to access Gardner Avenue from Mahalasville Road. As soon as late this week, the rest of Commercial Boulevard is expected to open from Gardner Avenue to Industrial Drive.

Later this month, the realigned Mahalasville Road is expected to reopen fully to Ohio Street at S.R. 37. Click here to view a map of the traffic changes. Mahalasville Road, Southview Drive and Commercial Boulevard are being realigned to make room for I-69 entrance and exit ramps that will be built during the 2021 closure of S.R. 37 in Martinsville.

Industrial Drive access to S.R. 37 is expected to close permanently in January. Traffic will be rerouted to Mahalasville Road using the new Commercial Drive. Click here to see what the finished product will look like.


Crews are continuing their work on a new access road and bridge connecting New Harmony Road at Cragen Road with Ennis Road at S.R. 37. It’s expected to open later this month. Finishing touches include final paving and striping that will be dependent on weather and temperatures.

The new bridge that will carry traffic over S.R. 37 at Egbert Road is expected to open in late December. Remaining work includes bridge railing and guardrail installation. Temperatures will need to be warm enough to allow successful concrete pours and curing.

New traffic patterns are in effect in downtown Martinsville. Jefferson Street has been restriped one-way southbound from Morgan Street to Washington Street and one-way northbound from Morgan Street to Pike Street. Stop signs have been removed at the intersection of Morgan and Jefferson Click here to see a map of the area.

Motorists in downtown Martinsville will also notice a change in parking. Angled parking along Jefferson Street south of Morgan Street has reversed direction and parking spaces have been added on the west side of Jefferson Street.

New traffic signals are coming soon to S.R. 39 and Morton Avenue. The permanent signal at Burton Lane/Hacker Drive is expected to be activated later this month and a temporary signal at Rogers Road near S.R. 37 is expected to be activated early next year. Watch for construction in the area at both sites.


S.R. 37 will be closed in Martinsville for most of 2021. The full closure will allow crews to work faster and safer, saving a full year of construction as they build the new I-69 lanes and bridges.

Watch this short video to learn more about preparing for the closure and find more information at I69FinishLine.com/closure.

During the S.R. 37 closure in Martinsville, motorists will encounter lane restrictions north of the city. S.R. 37 will be reduced to two lanes – one in each direction – between S.R. 144 and Morgan Street in Martinsville. All traffic will shift to the northbound lanes of S.R. 37 early next year to build the new southbound lanes of I-69.

Crews are expected to remove overhead utility lines that cross S.R. 37 near Banta and Whiteland roads. Motorists could see rolling stops for S.R. 37 traffic lasting up to 20 minutes during off-peak hours this week.

Crews are completing finishing touches on S.R. 39/Morton Avenue between S.R. 37 and S.R. 67. Watch for intermittent lane closures and flagging.

Have questions – call 855-INDOT-4U or email INDOT@indot.in.gov to connect with the I-69 team. Find the latest news, information and traffic updates at I-69FinishLine.comFacebookTwitter and Instagram.