Aramark IN2WORK Program Opens Doors

(CARLISLE) – Aramark is the contracted food service provider for the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility (WVCF).  Not only does Aramark provide the food for all the meals served at WVCF, they also coordinate the IN2WORK program. 

The goal of the IN2WORK program is to give offenders the skills necessary to become more employable upon release.  The program includes vocational training in a classroom setting, as well as the kitchen.  The program is separated into three phases: kitchen basics, food service management, and ServSafe certification.  Participants take quizzes and exams to ensure they are absorbing the content. 

When asked about the program Twitty said, “The program brings so much to the lives of the people who have the opportunity to be a part of it.  The program affords you a chance to better yourself and the lives of your loved ones, by giving you the knowledge to have a solid, lifelong career.” 

In addition, Aramark has scholarships for both released and incarcerated IN2WORK graduates.  There are $2,500 scholarships for qualifying I2W graduates who have been released, and $1,000 scholarships for incarcerated I2W graduates.  The scholarships for graduates who have been released were implemented three years ago, while the scholarships for incarcerated graduates were added two years ago.  Steven Davis at WVCF has been selected to receive one of the incarcerated scholarships both years since they were added. 

When asked about the program Davis said, “The IN2WORK program is helping me evolve.  Being successful is my number one goal and it does not stop here.  My long term goal is my food truck business, but the path to that goal starts with my short term goals of completing the program and obtaining my ServSafe certification.  My favorite saying is ‘Eat success, breathe success, dream success.'”

Internships are also available to graduates who display a high level of performance.  The interns gain knowledge as they work alongside front-line managers.  The skills they acquire during their internship are designed to transfer into real-world jobs upon release.  During the internships, the participants work part-time and earn minimum wage.  Currently, Shawn Twitty and Steven Davis are both interns at WVCF.