Three Arrested On Meth Charges

(ORLEANS) – Three people were arrested on Thursday after the Indiana State Police Drug Enforcement Section served a search warrant at a trailer at 25 Copperhead Valley Lane in Orleans. 

Shannon Edwards

Police received information that 23-year-old Shannon Edwards and 37-year-old Emilee Pavey were involved in dealing large quantities of meth.

Emily Pavey

Edwards was also wanted on a felony warrant for dealing meth in Orange County. Pavey was wanted on a warrant on a misdemeanor charge in Floyd County.

ISP troopers and Mitchell Police officers also had information that Edwards had numerous weapons in the home and was dealing large quantities of meth.

“Indiana State Police were able to obtain numerous messages between Pavey and Edwards about dealing multiple ounce quantities of methamphetamine. It was clear that Pavey and Edwards were involved in a multiple ounce drug trafficking organization. Edwards had several  messages where he discussed pound quantity prices of methamphetamine with his dealer,” wrote ISP Investigator Josh Allen. 

When officers arrived they saw Edwards running to the rear of the trailer. Officers forced the door open and found Edwards in a back room. In the living room, they found Emily Pavey and two young children. In the front bedroom, they located 54-year-old Kyle Faulconer.

Kyle Faulconer

Edwards told police, “I’ll show you where everything is if you let me keep money.” Edwards also said “everything in that room is all mine.”

While searching the bedroom belonging to Edwards and Pavey, police found 8 grams of crystal meth, digital scales, glass smoking devices, numerous firearms, and more than $10,000 in cash. Much of the meth was in plain view on the dresser.  

In Faulconer’s bedroom police found approximately 14 grams of crystal meth, digital scales, a glass smoking device, and a handgun.  

In the rear bathroom, police found a large plastic bag containing approximately 5 grams of crystal  meth. The bag was located in the trash next to the toilet. 

“The toilet seat had methamphetamine crystals on it and I could see methamphetamine in the bottom of the water in the toilet,” wrote Trooper Allen in the probable cause affidavit. “It was clear that Edwards had flushed a large amount of methamphetamine upon our  arrival.”

Shannon Edwards told police the money was his, but it was from legitimate sources and the firearms were his. He told police he had multiple sources where he purchased meth from. Edwards told police he flushed around 5 to 6 grams of meth.

Emilee Pavey told police she was the sole caregiver of the young children. She also said she used meth and she knew Edwards picked up a quarter pound or more of meth from Louisville. She denied dealing meth even when presented with messages involving her and Edwards discussing the purchase and dealing of meth.

Faulconer told police the 14 grams of meth found in his bedroom was his and that he frequently used meth. He told police he received the meth from Edwards and he was the only person who supplied him with the drug.

All three were arrested and transported to the Lawrence County Jail. Faulconer is facing a charge of possession of meth over 10 grams. Pavey is facing charges of dealing meth in the presence of a minor, possession of meth with a minor, and two counts of neglect of a dependent. Edwards is facing charges of dealing meth over 10 grams with a prior conviction, and possession of meth over 10 grams with a prior conviction.