I-69 Finish Line Update

(MARTINSVILLE) – On this week of giving thanks, we’re thankful for the hundreds of workers helping to get I-69 to the finish line.

Hear from Andrew Wright and his exceptional story.

Wright has been a carpenter for 15 years. He worked on I-69 previously and started working on I-69 Finish Line earlier this year. When heading home in late April, his life changed.

Wright was on his motorcycle, hit a slick spot and collided with a box truck, smashing his ankle. Three days later, his left leg was amputated below the knee. Three months later, Wright was back on the job.

Wright’s doctor told him he had a 5 percent chance of returning to work after his injury, but he had a 95 percent chance of returning if his leg was partially amputated.

“That was the decision maker,” Wright said. He told the doctor to “go ahead and amputate it so I can get back to work.” Wright said the first few days were difficult and painful, but he was glad to be back on the job he loves. Wright said he walks a little slower now, but he doesn’t really notice the loss of his leg. “If you want it, you have to work for it,” he said. “Nothing comes easy.”


It’s another new bridge! The new bridge at Waverly Road opened to traffic on Saturday. Motorists should watch for intermittent flagging the next couple of weeks for finishing touches including permanent pavement markings. When construction is completed, Waverly Road will be the only local street that will cross the future I-69 between Perry Road and State Road 144. Local traffic will enter and exit I-69 at the S.R. 144 or Henderson Ford Road interchanges.

The Whiteland Road extension is also complete, providing a new local connection for motorists. Click here to see a map of the area. Whiteland Road access to S.R. 37 closed earlier this year to make the improvements.

With the Perry Road bridge open, Cragen Road closed last week at S.R. 37. This is a permanent closure. Motorists can access S.R. 37 at Ennis Road and Henderson Ford Road to the south and Banta Road and S.R. 144 to the north. Click here to see a map of the area. A new access road is under construction connecting New Harmony Road at Cragen Road with Ennis Road at S.R. 37

Access to homes near Gardner Avenue in Martinsville is now from the south using new sections of Commercial Boulevard and Mahalasville Road. Click here to see a map of the area. Mahalasville Road remains closed between Commercial Boulevard and Southview Drive.

You can view maps detailing the official detour and local access that will be available during next year’s temporary closure of S.R. 37 in Martinsville at I69FinishLine.com/closure.


Drivers on S.R. 39 should prepare for a big traffic shift this week as they enter S.R. 37 southbound. Traffic will shift to the new S.R. 37 southbound pavement and the new Indian Creek bridge. S.R. 39 traffic is reduced to one lane before it merges into S.R. 37. The shift is expected to happen Wednesday.

The restriping of two downtown Martinsville streets is expected in early December. With the change, Jefferson Street will become one-way southbound from Morgan Street to Washington Street and one-way northbound from Morgan Street to Pike Street. Click here to see a map of the area. The new traffic pattern will allow the stop signs at the intersection of Morgan and Jefferson to be removed.

Watch for intermittent lane closures on S.R. 39/Morton Avenue between S.R. 37 and S.R. 67 the next couple of weeks for final grading and other finishing touches in the area.

Bridge crews are expected to begin driving steel pilings into bedrock this week for the future S.R. 44 bridge. Traffic in the area will not be impacted.

No work is anticipated Thursday or Friday as I-69 Finish Line crews enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with their families. We hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Have questions or comments? Call 855-INDOT-4U or email INDOT@indot.in.gov to connect with our team. Find the latest news, information and traffic updates at I-69FinishLine.comFacebookTwitter and Instagram.