WVCF Firefighters Train On Tower Rescue

(CARLISLE) – Firefighters at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility (WVCF) recently participated in tower rescue and extrication training.  

The specialized training is conducted semi-annually to ensure that staff have the knowledge necessary to respond to a tower emergency.  Several possible rescue scenarios are practiced, as well as a number of basic principles including the use of ladders, ropes, and knots. 

WVCF Fire Fighters Train on Tower Rescue

In addition, confined space rescue and incident command are covered. “Correctional Institutions pose many unique and intense situations, which require continued, specialized training and the ability to adapt to the situation presented,” said Fire Chief Gordon Becher.

“The training was very proactive and showed how a fire department must work together.  The knowledge I gained could make the difference between whether or not someone with a medical issue is successfully rescued,” said Firefighter Kaleb Padgett.