IPAC Board Announces Memorial Scholarship Honoring Keith Henderson

(INDIANAPOLIS) – A memorial scholarship fund honoring long time Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson was recently approved by the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council Board of Directors.

Keith Henderson

The scholarship fund will offer $500 per year to two different Indiana prosecutors for a national training course. 

Henderson, who passed away this summer after 17 years as the prosecutor in Floyd County, was a longtime representative of Indiana to the National District Attorneys Association, advocating for Indiana prosecutors at the national level.

The Board authorized funding the scholarship for five years, for a total of $5,000.

“Keith was an important part of our Board for many years and played a vital role as voice for Hoosier prosecutors on a national stage,” said Pat Harrington, President of the Association of Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys. “This scholarship will honor Keith’s legacy by training up the next generation of Indiana prosecutors.

The qualifications for the scholarship will be as follows: The recipient must choose a training hosted by the NDAA in the subject matters of DNA, Homicide, Career Prosecutor, or Executive courses. The recipient must have at least three years of experience as a prosecutor with a goal of continuing in the field of criminal prosecution. Special consideration will be given for any applicant who previously served as a police officer or sheriff’s deputy, as Henderson worked as a law enforcement officer prior to becoming a prosecutor.