I-69 Finish Line On Track Update

(MARTINSVILLE) – A new bridge highlights the most recent progress on I-69 Finish Line. The new bridge over State Road 37 connecting Perry Road with Old State Road 37 opened to traffic over the weekend.

Motorists will notice more progress and should prepare for additional traffic changes as crews continue to complete several of the key 2020 improvements over the coming weeks.

“People are really going to start to notice a difference, and they’re really going to be able to tell what we did this year,” said INDOT Project Engineer Tyler Kovacs.

Portions of S.R. 39 and Morton Avenue in Martinsville have been widened to four lanes between S.R. 37 and S.R. 67 and improvements have been made to local access roads. Improvements extend beyond Martinsville to the entire detour route for next year’s temporary closure of S.R. 37 in Martinsville.

Watch this short video to learn more about the improvements made this year.

With the new Perry Road bridge open, Lincoln Road and Cragen Road access to S.R. 37 are closing permanently. The intersections served as detour routes during construction of the bridge. A new access road is under construction connecting New Harmony Road at Cragen Road with Ennis Road at S.R. 37.

Motorists should also watch for intermittent closures the next couple of weeks for finishing touches on the new Perry Road bridge.

  • Shoulder work and paving are expected to wrap up this week on northbound S.R. 37 from Morgan Street to S.R. 144. Watch for intermittent northbound lane closures during the day.
  • S.R. 252 has reopened east of Cramertown Loop. It was closed last week to install a new drainage structure under the roadway.
  • Final paving and striping are expected this week on Twin Branch Road. Twin Branch is closed at S.R. 37 with access to homes in the area from S.R. 44.
  • Crews are wrapping up work at the new Waverly Road overpass. It’s expected to open to traffic late this month. The new Egbert Road overpass is expected to open in December.
  • Have questions about next year’s temporary closure of S.R. 37? Check out our closure FAQs to learn how you can best prepare.
  • Cragen Road will close permanently this week at S.R. 37. The closure is expected on Wednesday. Motorists can continue to access S.R. 37 at Ennis Road and Henderson Ford Road to the south and Banta Road and S.R. 144 to the north.
  • Some electrical and other issues have prevented the new temporary traffic signal at Henderson Ford Road and S.R. 37 from being activated. Crews are continuing their work in the area.
  • Watch for intermittent lane closures on S.R. 39/Morton Avenue between S.R. 37 and S.R. 67 the next few weeks for final grading and other finishing touches.
  • Access to homes from Gardner Avenue in Martinsville is expected to change late this week. Once paving is completed, the area will be accessible from the south and east using the new Mahalasville Road and Artesian Avenue connections. Mahalasville Road will remain closed north of Gardner Avenue.
  • The restriping of several streets in downtown Martinsville is expected to happen late this month. With the change, Jefferson Street will become one-way southbound from Morgan Street to Washington Street and one-way northbound from Morgan Street to Pike Street. Click here to see a map of the area.

The actual starting date and duration for work and any closures may be adjusted if inclement weather or other unforeseen activities occur.