Vote, Then Get Flu Vaccination At Free Drive-Through Clinic

(BLOOMINGTON) – A busy schedule shouldn’t get in the way of making good health decisions. Stop by the free IU Health Community Health influenza vaccine drive-through after voting on Tuesday, Nov. 3 and fight the flu.

The clinic is open from Noon until 3 p.m. at Redeemer Church at 111 South Kimble Drive in Bloomington.

“We want to make this process both safe and efficient,” said Amy Meek, MSN, RN with IU Health Community Health. “The drive-through clinic is designed so you and your family never need to leave your vehicle.”

The process is simple:

  1. Drive to the location (no appointment necessary)
  2. Fill out a short form
  3. A nurse will reach in through the window to administer the vaccine in your arm
  4. Continue on your day

“It’s important to realize that getting the influenza vaccine isn’t just about protecting yourself,” said Meek. “You’re also lessening the risk for people who have compromised immune systems. By fighting the spread, you’re helping those who are more likely to have long-term consequences, which can include death.”

And while the vaccine isn’t 100 percent effective, studies have shown that people who become sick with the flu after getting the shot have less severe symptoms.

Help yourself, your loved ones and your community in this fight against the flu. It’s as simple as going through a drive-through.