Lawrence County Council Approves Additional Appropriations And Transfers

(BEDFORD) – The Lawrence County Council approved several appropriations and transfers from various departments during their meeting Tuesday night.

  • Prosecutor Sam Arp requested that an error from last year’s five percent pay increase be appropriated into the budget in the amount of $5,856. Arp said $3,045 of this will be reimbursed by the state.
  • CASA Director Rich Kosmala’s request of additional appropriation of $5,000 for a part-time employee’s salary.
  • Paula Edwards of the Lawrence County Health Department, requested the appropriation of a $34,219 grant to be used for mileage, cell phones, and a public health specialist was approved. A second grant in the amount of $49,210 will fund a contract registered nurse, postage, meetings, and other supplies was also approved.
  • Chief Public Defender Bruce Andis’ request to transfer $10,000 to cover public defenders salaries was approved.
  • Judge Sleva’s request to create a line item within his budget for the creation of an auxiliary courtroom was approved. However, Council members Jim Edwards and Jeff Lytton questioned the creation of this line item.
  • The council appointed Janice Skillman to the Bedford Public Library Board.
  • The council approved the Commissioner’s request to move Amish buggy fees from the General Fund to Motor Vehicle Highway fund so the money can be used for road repair.
  • The council also approved a transfer of $20,000 from Riverboat funds to the building funds to cover some A/C repairs at the Courthouse and elevator repairs at the Courthouse Plaza.
  • Approved Sheriff Mike Branham’s request that $918 from the meal funds and $6,000 from the misdemeanor account be used to cover the cost of repairs to a police vehicle.
  • The county council also approved the salary ordinance for 2021.