Oolitic Town Council Considering Raising Trash Fees

(OOLITIC) – The Oolitic Town Council is considering raising trash fees.

Oolitic Town Council President Dirk Sears suggested the town needs to explore raising the trash fees to be able to get better equipment and have a healthier operating balance.

The account balance for September 30th was at $5,337.06 for the trash fund.

Sears asked the council how they felt about a $7 to $8 fee.

The town council plans to hold a public hearing next month to discuss the matter.

In other business:

  • The town of Oolitic is discouraging Trick or Treating due to the rise in COVID-19 cases.
  • Greg Pittman updated the town on sections of Lafayette Avenue and Hoosier Avenue that was questioned by the Indiana Department of Transportation when applying for grant funds. The two areas were denied grant funds by INDOT because they belong to the county. Pittman advised that he has been in contact with the Lawrence County Highway Superintendent Dave Holmes and Lawrence County Surveyor Corey Allen about the matter. Holmes is writing a formal letter to the Indiana Department of Transportation that those two sections should belong to the town.
  • Town Council President Dirk Sears is receiving several emails complaining about stray cats. The town will be contacting the Humane Society about possible solutions.
  • Town Council Member John Dillon stated that Zach Bell would like to see about getting another truck with money received earlier this year from insurance. Town Clerk-Treasurer Jessica Staggs informed the town council that Bell had spent some of the funds on truck repairs. The town council will make a decision next month on the matter.
  • Town Council Member John Dillon asked about looking into purchasing a camera to help detect issues with sewer lines. He will bring back information to the council at another meeting.
  • Town Council Member Steve Kerr asked about leaf and brush pick-up. Bell informed the council leaf pickup began today (Tuesday, Oct. 27). The Town of Oolitic’s machine is in need of repairs and Bell is hoping to find parts to fix the machine. The town is borrowing the City of Bedford’s machine.