Two Arrested After Police Find Numerous Drugs In Vehicle

(BEDFORD) – Two people were arrested on drug charges on Saturday after a Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputy stopped their vehicle for a traffic violation.

Jordan Dotts

Police arrested 24-year-old Jordan Dotts, of Mitchell, and 26-year-old Chelsey MaClean, of 1044 US 50 West, on charges of possession of methamphetamine and marijuana, possession of a legend drug, and possession of a narcotic drug.

Chelsey MaClean

According to a probable cause affidavit, on Saturday, October 17th a Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputy and other officers were parked in the median on State Road 37, adjacent to Woodville Road, when they noticed a blue Jeep SUV traveling northbound on State Road 37 brake abruptly when the driver noticed the police vehicles.

The vehicle traveled over the white line and one of the officers followed the vehicle to continue observing their driving behavior. The officer witnessed the driver travel over the white line multiple times. The driver then braked abruptly and then suddenly veered onto Dixie Highway.

The officer activated his lights and stopped the driver.

The officer asked MaClean for her driver’s license and registration and as she was attempting to located those documents, the officer asked her if she was tired. She stated she was.

The male passenger, Dotts, was repeatedly taking puffs from a cigarette and stated “her ball joints are bad.”

The officer asked MaClean why she suddenly turned off the highway. That is when Dotts said MaClean didn’t know where the turnoff was.

Dotts continued to look for the vehicle registration in the glove box. The officers said every time Dotts pulled paperwork from the glove box his hands were trembling.

The officer said neither Dotts or MaClean would make eye contact with them.

The officer then asked Dotts for his identification and he said he didn’t have any. He was asked to step out of the vehicle and stand by the passenger side door of the police vehicle. Dotts asked if he had to exit the vehicle and he was asked a second time to get out of the vehicle. Dotts complied to the request and exited the vehicle.

A K-9 then was requested to do a free-air sniff of the vehicle.

Dotts then told the officer he had been studying the laws and said the dog was not allowed to search the vehicle and he wanted to watch the dog.

K-9 Dusty indicated there were drugs in the vehicle.

While one officer was writing out a written warning, Dotts approached the officer and said they were not going to search the vehicle without a warrant.

Officers began their search and said they could smell the odor of raw marijuana inside the vehicle.

Officers searched the center console and the front portion of the vehicle and could not find the drug. They then searched the rear portion of the vehicle.

As another officer continued to search the front of the vehicle they found a bag tucked behind the air vents inside the dash that contained a plant-like substance that tested positive for marijuana. When the officer popped out the vent they also found a clear bag that contained meth.

Both Dotts and MaClean were arrested.

Both denied knowing anything about the drugs.

Officers also located a safe in the vehicle. MaClean said there was nothing illegal in the safe and opened it for the officer. Inside the safe police found a large amount of money.

MaClean told the officer the money was “star money” – money that had printed defects. She told the officer she collects them in hopes they will be worth a lot more than their face value. The officer thought some of the money could be counterfeit. The officer then went back to his vehicle to investigate the “star money.”

During this time, another officer located more marijuana and in addition to marijuana “roaches” in a black box. They also discovered a small container of a waxy substance called “dab” or THC wax. Five unopened orange packets labeled “Daytrana”, a Schedule II controlled substance, and a jar covered in duct tape that contained a small amount of marijuana were also discovered. In a silver box police found a powdery substance associated with “DABing” and a powdery substance that tested positive for heroin and fentanyl. They also located eight more unopened “Daytrana” packets and emptied prescription bottles with Hydroxyzine, Loraepam, Hydrozyxie, Hydrocloride, and two MDMA/Ecstasy pills. In another pill bottle police found Gabapentin.

Both individuals were transported to jail.

Overall, police seized 4.5 grams of marijuana and 4.45 grams of meth.

The vehicle was towed by Knowles Towing Service.